5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Booking an International Flight Ticket

Are you bad at booking flight tickets? Well, you’re not alone a lot of people wind up making blunders while booking international flights. Know the mistakes of international flight booking so that you can avoid them when you book for yourself or your loved ones. Keep reading.

Booking a flight has gotten extremely simple and direct over the years, with many booking websites and travel sites around. While, it is very clear to book a flight, and there are a few mistakes you should know about, especially when you’re booking an expensive international flight.

Understanding and avoiding these simple mistakes can have a more significant effect than you may understand.

To assist you with making a successful trip plan, here are five of the most widely recognised mistakes that are made when booking an international flight.

  1. Not checking Visa Rules before Booking Ticket: In case you’re crossing your nation’s border by flight, make a point to check the visa necessities in the destination country. A common mistake travellers make is not understanding the type of visa. There are broadly three types of visas –
    1. Visa-on-arrival: This means you can avail a visa at the country’s airport after landing. For this, you may have to present various documents and a few as per the process laid out by the country.
    2. Visa-free Country: This means you don’t need a visa to visit this country at all. Upon landing, your documents are checked, and you are granted entry into the country.
    3. Regular Visas: These could be e-visas or physical visa copies that need to be acquired before boarding your flight.
  1. Putting your Personal Details Wrong: When you fly on an international flight, the information you have on the ticket should be equivalent to what’s on your visa and your passport. One senseless slip-up like wrong passport number or leaving out the middle name, and you might be taking a look at your flight taking off without you.
  1. Not Checking Ticket and Fare Details: Checking all the ticket and fare details is a must when you book an international flight. Here are some of the essential things to check:
    1. Date of travel: Most flight booking sites have the current date as the default date. Thus, it is crucial to check the date before making the payment.
    2. Baggage Limit: Every airline has a baggage limit. Check the limit carefully. Consider those heavy coats and extravagant boots you have stuffed for the get-away – you may need to pay extra to carry the baggage that exceeds the allowed limit.
    3. Time of Travel: Check the flight time properly before confirming your ticket. Do not confuse between AM and PM.
  2. Not Checking COVID Restrictions: The world has begun to open up following quite a while of lockdown because of Coronavirus. Such circumstances might have made numerous questions and inquiries in your mind. Certain advisories are common in all Airlines, such as:
    1. Wearing a face mask and face shield
    2. Maintaining appropriate social distancing
    3. Utilising hand sanitisers
    4. Wearing PPE Kit (optional)

Make sure you do not forget to read COVID restrictions before making the final decision.

  1. Booking a Ticket at a High Price: The gravest of all is to book your flights at an extremely high price. When you book your flight tickets, make sure you are not in a hurry and spend ample time researching else you might end up booking a costly ticket.  Moreover, some of these tickets are non-refundable. A small mistake can cause a big hole in your pocket. Look for the best deals on international airtickets before you purchase.

Focusing on small subtleties can ensure you book the right ticket and have a comfortable journey. Make sure you check the points mentioned above before you click on that ‘Pay Now” button for your ticket.

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