A Crew Van to Suit Your Needs

There can be some confusion in the different types of vans out there. To the uninitiated, vans can all start to look the same. But there is one major difference between something like a cargo van and a crew van.

The main difference is in the seating. The former generally has more space for cargo, leaving seating to a minimum. Which is where the difference comes in: a crew van has more ample seating space while still offering a sizable storage space. It is great for industries like construction or renovations where both materials and manpower are at a premium.

Highly Customisable

The good news is that there are crew vans that are customisable and can meet the needs of your business. There are several different dimensions to choose from that each provide a different fit and feel.

There are some low roof options, high roof options, and customisable lengths that can meet the demands of your business. It means reliable transportation that is able to accommodate both the tools and manpower required.


While the capacity of a Ford transit custom crew van is certainly of the utmost importance, how much they can carry depends on payload. There is a gross vehicle weight and payload that applies to each van. The payload is in reference to the amount of cargo that can be carried while the GVW refers to the legal weight of the vehicle including both the van itself as well as passengers.

Knowing the payload needs of your business is important so that you can make the appropriate choices. Each van has its own GVW class, ranging from 2500kg to 3400kg.

Engines and Transmissions

The van that you choose has to have the power to get everything from place to place. With offerings ranging from 105hp to 185hp, you can get a quiet, efficient, yet still powerful engine that should be able to haul the necessary workloads.

There is also the option to customise transitions as some drivers naturally prefer a manual gearbox to automatic. For those who spend a ton of time in traffic, an automatic would be better but that depends on the driver in question. What is important is that each feature can be customised to create a better van that meets the needs of your driver and business right down to the smallest of details.

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