Creating A Podcast Studio In Your Company Offices

When your company does many different types of social media, including podcasts, you must ensure a suitable environment for your content creation. You will want to create an area closed off from the rest of your business, so the content production does not get disturbed. You can significantly improve the quality of your content when you have a suitable space to make it and, hopefully, increase your audience. Below are some tips to help you design and create the perfect space to do your podcasts and other social media content in your office.

How Much Space Do Your Require?

One of the first factors to consider is how much space you will need for your social media studio. If you are primarily doing audio podcasts, a smaller space is suitable, but if you use video too, you will need something larger and well-lit for the cameras. Once you have determined how much space you will use for the studio, you can start looking at how you will partition off the area.

Partitioning Off The Space

You can get and use various types of acoustic partitioning to create your studio, and the price can vary depending on the quality of the product you select. If the light is an issue, consider using triple-glazed partitions to let in light and add additional acoustic insulation and baffles inside the space. You can also build a traditional timber frame that you can stuff with insulation and finish with plasterboard if that is your preference. Whatever option you decide on, you can now turn your attention to inside your studio.

The Studio Ceiling

You do not want your ceiling too high in your studio, so if your offices have high ceilings, it is worth installing a suspended ceiling. However, do not make the ceiling too low, as this can alter the room’s acoustics and the quality of the podcasts and sound recordings. Install high-quality Armstrong ceiling tiles, they have various acoustic options available, and you can look at adding additional insulation to the walls of your studio.

Acoustic Insulation On Your Walls

You can either bury the insulation inside the walls or add additional insulation on the surface to help improve the acoustics of your studio. You can use various types of insulation that all perform differently, and you will need to select a suitable one that is within budget for your project. You can click here to watch a short video on choosing the best type of acoustic insulation for your studio that you may find helpful.

The Studio Lighting

You also want to ensure that your studio has sufficient lighting, and selecting LED lights is an excellent choice. These lights use less power than other lightbulbs, and if they can connect to Wi-Fi, you can control them using an app on your phone or a computer. It can be an excellent addition when you need different mood lighting for video and help make your videos stand out.

These are a few things you can do to set up a podcast studio in your office, and there are other things to consider, such as painting a wall green, so you have a green screen for video effects. With careful planning and some work, you can create the ideal studio for your marketing department to start generating quality content to boost your online visibility.

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