Features To Consider Including In Your Dream Kitchen Extension

When planning an extension to your home to expand your kitchen and help create the kitchen of your dreams, it is the perfect opportunity to add features you have always wanted in your home. You will need to sit down and consider what you want to include when planning your home extension and ensure that you have the kitchen of your dreams when finished. There are various things you can include in the design, and below are some options to consider that can help you get started.

A Kitchen Island

Many people want an island in their kitchen to help them socialise or spend time with their family while busy cooking or cleaning. Depending on your preferences, you can include your sink or your cooker and hob on the island. It can also help increase your available storage space significantly. Having an island in your kitchen is not only a fantastic feature but also a practical solution that is excellent to include in your designs if the space is available.

Install Bifold Doors

Another feature that many people want in their home extensions when building them is aluminium bifold doors opening up onto a patio and extending your usable space. They can help unite your home and garden together and can help encourage you and your family to spend more time together outdoors. They are also an excellent feature to include that is perfect for entertaining and can significantly increase the space available when entertaining guests, and you can utilise the outdoor area.

A Utility Room

Another excellent feature you can include in your home extension that many people would like to have is adding a utility room. It is the ideal place to have your washing machine and tumble dryer and a suitable place to store your cleaning supplies, and you can also include a sink to make filling and emptying buckets much easier. It can also increase your available storage space and ensure you have plenty of room to keep everything in its place, helping to keep your new home extension clean and tidy.

A Toilet

You can also consider adding a downstairs toilet to your home extension if you have space available, which can also add value to your home. It can help stop arguments when there are queues for the toilet and is an excellent addition to a family home. It does not need to take up too much space, as all you need is a toilet and a sink, but once installed, you may wonder how you ever coped without it.


Something you can add to your home extension that are popular with single-storey extensions is skylights to maximise the natural light in your space. These can help transform and open up a space and improve it significantly when natural light is abundant. There are many options available for skylights that may be suitable for your home extension, but they can be pricey, so they may not be suitable if you are on a tight budget.

For more ideas of things to include in your dream kitchen and advice on designing it, you can click here to see some expert advice.

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