Frequently Asked Questions about Terrarium Workshop Singapore – What You Need to Know

Terrarium Workshop Singapore frequently gets asked the same questions over and over again. This article answers some of those frequently asked questions and provides additional information about the Terrarium workshop to help you decide.

Some frequently asked questions about Terrarium Workshop Singapore are:

  • How much does it cost to participate in a Terrarium Workshop in Singapore?
  • The cost for one Terrarium Workshop Singapore workshop is SGD 30 (approximately $20).
  • Can I bring my child to a terrariums workshop?
  • Yes, children are welcome to attend a Terrarium workshop.
  • What if it rains at the time of the event and we can’t go outside?
  • Terrarium workshops are indoors, so they will not be affected by rain. However, if the seminar is outdoors, we will provide a replacement date in case of rain.
  • Where is Terrarium Workshop Singapore located, and what should I bring on the day of my visit?
  • Terrarium Workshop Singapore is located at Parkview Square, next door to the popular eatery chain BreadTalk. You may visit any time and bring a notebook and pen.
  • What should I wear to a terrariums workshop?
  • Any comfortable clothing is best as you will be working with your hands a lot.
  • What do you need for this workshop, other than an interest in plants or crafts?
  • All materials are provided for you and all tools needed.
  • What if I am not able to attend the workshop due to a conflict? Will there be a replacement date?
  • We will provide you with an alternative date in case of rain.
  • How long will we be there at the workshop itself – about one hour or more, or a few hours?
  • It will take about an hour for you to make a terrarium.
  • Do you provide snacks or drinks during your workshops?
  • We will provide water and light refreshments.

I hope these answers helped you get a clearer picture of terrariums and the Terrarium Workshop Singapore.

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