Give Your Room a Makeover!

The bedroom is one of the essential rooms in the house, and we often overlook it when decorating. It is, without a doubt, our personal space. That special place where you start and end your day.

To give new life to your room, make your bedroom reflect your personality or if you have many favorite styles, change it according to the seasons. Today we bring you three simple and inexpensive ideas to change the look of your bedroom.

The guide you need to make your room look bigger is Chromatic circle. When applied to the walls by painting, the cold tones create the effect that the walls “move away.” This is because they are colors that provide depth, achieving this visual effect so suitable for a small bedroom or a space we want to make bigger.

Cold colors are those that are in the hard part of the chromatic circle. Here are some colors:

  • Blue range
  • Range of greens
  • Lilacs and violets
  • Blue or greenish grays

On top of everything else, cool tones are relaxing, serene, and calming colors. Perhaps at first, it may seem a tedious task, but we are sure that, once you know the step by step, it can become a good process.

The first thing we have to do after clearing the walls of junk is to protect all the areas that can get dirty when painting. We recommend that you use masking tape to cover the baseboards, electrical outlets, etc.

Despite having cleared the walls of furniture and other objects, we recommend that you cover with plastic all the elements that have to stay in the room while you paint it. The floor should also be protected. Cover it with sheets of cardboard or plastic to avoid any possible later discomfort.

The next step is to cover all the holes or cracks you have in the room’s walls. Again, use putty to carry out these repairs. We recommend that the putty becomes one of your main allies as it serves to fill infinite types of materials.

Then, when you are sure that you have filled all the imperfections that had your wall, pass the sander to leave the surface completely smooth. Finally, wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust that may have been generated by sanding. These steps are very similar to those carried out when we want to repair stipple paint.

It is essential to help the paint penetrate effectively into the wall to prevent it from cracking later. For this, you must apply a special primer sealed to water on the wall; this way, the paint will adhere better to the surface, especially if we talk about porous borders. This step is also crucial because it will allow us to save paint.

If you decide to paint the room in one color, the next thing you have to do is to start painting. You can do it quickly and easily using a remanufactured air compressor.

If, on the contrary, your idea about how to paint the room is to paint it in two or more colors, the first thing you have to do is to distribute the wall or walls by painting zones. With the help of masking tape, mark the limits of each color. Then, start painting one of the zones and wait for it to dry. When scorched, remove the masking tape and place new ones again to paint the adjacent area with a different color.

For both options, use a fine-haired anti-drip roller and brushes for the areas where the colors meet, or if your ambition to redecorate your space is not limited to your room, use a remanufactured air compressor. Remember always start painting the room ceiling and use a guide in the corners to avoid painting certain areas.

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