How To Dry Concrete Quicker

Concrete is a very unique substance that applied first is a liquid but then hardens into one of the toughest materials on the planet. It’s quite amazing that this substance can withstand weights of semi-trucks and other natural weathering aspects. Concrete is great for highways because it has a lower freezing temperature than asphalt. When concrete is drying it undergoes a chemical process that will give it its strength for impact and to hold weight.

The first thing to make sure is that you have a beautiful sunny day. Although the labor may be more intense it will speed up the drying time. Try to avoid cloudy days or days where it might rain.

Secondly adding a chemical compound such as calcium chloride will speed up the drying time. Apply this before starting to pour the concrete. Follow the instructions to know how much of the solvent you should mix.

The third thing is to put a heater next to the concrete that was just laid. This will add more heat, therefore, speeding up the process.

Another great tip is to add a plastic cover to not allow the moisture to leave. This will greatly speed up the process.

Concrete usually will take about 28 days to fully be dry. The concrete itself will set in 24 to 48 hours and will be hard enough to walk on. For every inch of thickness, it will take roughly 28 days to dry. Speeding up the process can save bigger cooperations more money. They can start finishing other tasks rather than having to wait. Something to consider as well is your mixture. Adding too much water can make the process much longer. Therefore measuring out your mixture very precisely will help speed up the dry time. When doing the work try to over-trowel the surface because this will block the pores not allowing air to enter to help the drying process. Once the area that is being done is filled you will want to enclose the area.

Make sure there is airflow and fans circulating. Also using dehumidifiers to keep the relative humidity low will help increase the dry time. Concrete dries when the water evaporates from the surface. As this process is occurring the water that lays on the bottom replaces the dried ones.

How you will know that the concrete is dry is by constantly testing. It may seem dry but after the test says otherwise. The thicker the slab the more moisture will linger. This is because the bottom will retain its moisture much longer due to the process that happens through the capillaries of the concrete.

Speeding up the time to dry concrete can be achieved by careful planning and correct curing. Curing and drying concrete are many different things. Drying will happen in those first 24 to 48 hours but the curing will take as long as 28 days. If you want to have a solid foundation that is dry, testing your concrete and taking the right curing methods. Some curing methods are using the plastic cover after pouring to help trap the moisture so it can not escape. Also enclosing the system is one of the most crucial parts to allow the concrete to settle and dry internally. Having a dry internal will determine the strength of your foundation. If curing is not done well it can become un-level which will mean the foundation will be weak. Quick set custom concrete is a great tool to use when pouring. Quick set custom concrete will make drying a curing a breeze.

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