Important Questions to Ask a Workers Compensation Lawyer 

The workers compensation laws enable the employees to receive a specific compensation amount for the injuries received at their place of work. It would be important for all workers to be covered in the job when they encounter an accident. A majority of employees should carry a worker’s compensation insurance policy by law. 

Most benefits received by a worker would be inclusive of the payments for – 

  • medical expenses 
  • permanent and partial disability benefits 
  • total disability benefits 
  • total and temporary benefits 
  • death benefits 

Understanding workers compensation 

A workers compensation lawyer could handle your claim using his experience and skills needed to receive the benefits you deserve. In the event of you receiving injuries at your place of work, you would be entitled to compensation. It would be important for you to hire the services of a jersey city workers compensation lawyer who understands the claim. He would be your best bet for protecting your rights. The lawyer ensures that you receive fair compensation for the injuries received. 

Having an initial consultation with the lawyer 

During an initial consultation with the workers compensation lawyer, ensure to bring all relevant information related to your claim. The lawyer should be provided adequate information about the accident and injuries for evaluating your case. A reputed and professional lawyer would keep you informed throughout the process. 

If you were unsure of the questions, do not fret, as find below a list of important questions to inquire the workers compensation lawyer during an initial consultation. 

  • Ask about the number of years they have spent in handling workers compensation claims 
  • Inquire about how much practice have they dedicated to workers compensation claims 
  • Are they willing to represent you throughout the process inclusive of appeals, administrative hearings, and settlement 
  • How do they charge for their legal services 
  • Are they comfortable telling you about the claim proceeding through the system 
  • Would they inform you about the strengths and weaknesses of your claim 
  • Would they charge for additional expenses 
  • Do they see any specific problem with the claim 
  • Are they available as and when you have a query 

It would be important to continue following the advice of your lawyer and adhere to his instructions to acquire a deserved compensation. It would help you largely if you keep the lines of communication open to keep accounts of the progress of your claim. 

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