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Once upon a time, whenever planning an event, people would consult their relatives, friends, or even neighbors for word of mouth publicity. Even when they wanted some news about their locality or a particular place, they would depend on their acquaintances to inform them about it.

However, with technology making its presence known in almost every area, digital media quickly replaced it. For instance, if you are seeking a suitable bride or groom for your son or daughter, you are no longer dependent on others. What you are most in need of is a matrimony app!

In the same manner, you no longer live under the rock since you have access to news about the events transpiring globally, whether it concerns a local area or the nation. Although that is possible through online news portals, the process is further simplified due to the development of short news apps.

An example of a short news app could be Daily hunt. The beauty of a news app is that it offers many regional dialects apart from being available in Hindi and English.

The merits of a short news app can further be emphasized by looking at the following points:

  1. A short news app summarizes all the latest occurrences worldwide without requiring you to log into a news portal or watch television.
  2. Merely installing an app like Way2News on a smartphone provides you instant updates on nearly all the country’s regions in the language of your choice.
  3. You may not find time to go through the newspaper every day. In such a situation, a short news app comes in handy since it helps you keep abreast of all the latest happenings worldwide in a summarized form without requiring reading a lengthy article. Thus, you learn something about everything.
  4. A short news app keeps you covered with affairs from different areas, like sports, entertainment, politics, technology, business and economics, fashion, travel, and many more. Thus if you are a sports enthusiast, you can access all the cricket tournaments currently played or scheduled to be played later or other sports news if you use an app such as Way to News.
  5. A short news app also gives access to live updates about your favorite sports tournament. It is also a brilliant way of following an in-depth and expert analysis, debates, discussions relevant to the current events, for instance, elections, emergencies, pandemics, etc.
  6. An app like Dailyhunt enables you to read reports and watch videos from any of your preferred newspapers or websites, which may also belong to your region.
  7. You can also find out about an old event or a recent one by mentioning the keyword concerned on the app and get access to all such news which may not be possible in the case of a newspaper or television.

Thus, besides saving your time and energy, a short news app allows you to know whichever part of the world you are in and whatever time you have available to go through the day’s occurrences.

Added to it is that what’s displayed before you is credible and verifiable. Also, unlike other media, short news apps are quicker in that they provide you updates every second.

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