Professional Cleaning Services for your Toronto Office

A perfectly clean and sanitized commercial location is essential not just to the health and happiness of those inside, but to your productivity and profitability as well. Your customers expect to do business in an immaculate setting and your employees won’t tolerate anything less than spotless if they will give their best efforts.

But, how do you find a cleaning company in Toronto that will provide such beneficial services and suit your time and budget as well?

What Is a Commercial Cleaning Company?

Before we answer those questions, it is important to answer another important question, “what is a commercial cleaning company?”

A commercial cleaning company is a business that provides janitorial services to various commercial and industrial operations. Generally, these services are done after hours so the operations of cleaning technicians do not interfere with your precision business. Nevertheless, other companies specifically require cleaning services throughout the workday and a good cleaning company will cater to the needs of their client.

Some of the standard services you can expect from your cleaning company are washing windows and mirrors, cleaning floors, sweeping, mopping vacuuming, emptying waste receptacles, cleaning kitchenettes, dusting and a wide variety of other important services.

You may find that switching to a full-service commercial cleaning company will be advantageous in that they will work with you to provide you the services you need at the times you need them. This can be the turnkey solution to reducing the strain on your internal workforce, whose talents and skills are best placed in other pursuits.

So, what do you look for to find such a suitable service?

  1. Reputation and Experience

One of the most important qualities your commercial business cleaners will need to have is trust. This is because they will be operating in your business with access to all kinds of valuable assets both physical and digital. It is not just intentional theft that you must be concerned with. These valuables can be damaged by amateur cleaning methods and sheer inexperience.

So how can you know how trustworthy and reliable your prospective cleaning company is?

  1. Years of Experience – this line of work tends to weed out the unreliable, so choose a company that has been in business a long time.

Industries Served – choose a company that has years of experience in a business just like your own. This is especially important when cleaning dental and medical clinics, hospitals and schools.

References – good work will speak for itself, if you see a cleaning service with a long list of happy reports, you know what you can expect.

  1. Employee Training and Screening

The best commercial cleaning company understands that their business is only as strong as the professionals who will be performing the services. This is why they will have a scathing screening process and tightly regimented training course to ensure that cleaning professionals know exactly what they are doing and abide by professional standards in work and conduct.

As you check into the cleaning services be sure to ask important questions on these screening and training processes.

Employee Screening:

– Do you perform background checks?

– Are all work references checked?

– Are state and federal hiring laws followed carefully?

– What is the screening process?

– Employee Training

– Is safety training a number 1 priority?

– Are written procedures in place and can I see them?

– What is ‘acceptable conduct when in commercial buildings’ mean?

– Who is responsible for performing the training?

– Is re-training an ongoing process?

  1. Full-Service Capability?

If you are working with a full- service cleaning company, you will be able to ask about the turn-key solutions and packages they may be able to provide for you.

  1. Bonded and Insured?

Finally, never have any professional performing any professional services in your home unless you know they are licensed and bonded for the work they provide. This will ensure that you are not liable for any accidents that may take place and that anything damaged, or stolen, can be recovered to a certain value.

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