Thread Gauges And Thread Taps – Accuracy Is Everything

As far as your UNEF thread gage and metric thread tap are concerned, accuracy is everything. Thread gauge and thread tap serve different purposes but in both cases, they need to be accurately matching the specifications. If there are any deviations, your product integrity would be affected. Your customers will not be happy with the overall quality of the products that you deliver them.

Whether it is UNEF thread gages or thread taps, they are susceptible to wear and tear. These tools can wear out and when the tool wears out they cannot effectively serve the purpose that which they are meant to serve. For example when your UNEF thread gage is worn out, then the components that you are inspecting may not be meeting the expected standards. You will not be able to spot the inaccuracies correctly. The report you generate from the use of such a flawed inspection tool would also be flawed.

In the case of metric thread tap, the threads formed using this tool would not match the expected specifications. When such a component is used in your equipment then you could experience issues while fitting the equipment or your customer could experience while installing the equipment.

You need to regularly calibrate the tools so that they deliver what they are supposed to deliver. Accuracy issues could crop up due to various reasons ranging from inferior quality of the product to untrained staff. You should pay attention to some of the basics of using these tools.

Keep the tool clean and free from dust at all times. Make it a habit to clean the tool before every use and do not forget to clean the tool after every use. Keep the tools always clearly labeled. It is best if the labels could be punched on the tool itself so that they do not wear or fade with use. Always remember to put back the tool in the appropriate holder, which should also be marked.

It helps to keep the tool well lubricated. It helps in smooth movements and reduces friction and the resulting damages to the tools. If you should experience friction at any point of time, you should not use force to continue operating the tool.

Make sure that the tools are not stored with too much of lubricant or other oils in them. Some oils could be highly corrosive and that could easily damage the inspection tools like thread gauges and thread cutting tools like metric thread taps.

Depending on the usage of your tool have a regular replacement schedule. You need to establish this depending on the extensiveness of use. Keep track of the replacement dates so that you know when it is time to replace your thread gauges or thread taps. If you have purchased good quality tools from reputed suppliers, they will last long despite high level of wear and tear. Take time to select your thread gauges and thread taps so that you get the best value for your money.

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