Three Ways to End Your Marriage Peacefully

Many couples who filed a divorce end up fighting in the courtroom after being fueled with anger and betrayal. However, divorces don’t have to always involve courtroom battles. Although cases are often emotional and difficult, a lot of people want to do it without inflated emotions and move on with their lives. Divorce does not need to be ugly. Couples can op for ways to divorce that will let them avoid drama and the extra expense of fighting:

If you and your spouse have grown apart, you probably cannot stop bickering and fighting over even the tiniest things in your daily life. So, if you are ready to dissolve the marriage and start living a healthier and more functional life, you may want to file for divorce. However, you don’t need to continue your constant fight in the courtroom. Here are alternative ways to end your marriage more peacefully:

DIY Divorce

A DIY divorce is not always the recommended path because of the intricate legalities and paperwork, but it can be done. However, keep in mind that once you sign the divorce paper, a lot of the choices you make cannot be changed. It can benefit you to hire a lehi divorce attorney to look at things before you commit to the agreement. 

Divorce Mediation

The mediation process involves you and your spouse working with a neutral mediator, so you can come to a resolution about things such as parenting time, family support, asset division, and more. The mediator can be an attorney or someone who is highly familiar with divorce and family law. They can help you avoid fighting. But, while a mediator can walk you through the process, you and your spouse may choose to hire your respective attorneys to look over the settlement documents before you sign anything. Also, if mediation is not successful, you might still have to face each other in court. Thus, you and your spouse must agree to see it through peacefully.

Collaborative Divorce

If you and your spouse choose this type of divorce, you both agree to work toward agreements and you commit not to go to court. You will both have legal representatives. 

In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse reveal information voluntarily. After you reach an agreement, your lawyers will draft the document and the judge signs the paperwork. This kind of divorce is often a quicker and less expensive process than a traditional/litigated divorce. 

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