Types of CBD oil you should know about

Before you head out there and start shopping for CBD oil, it is important for you to understand that there are several types of this product on the market. You need to understand this so that you can choose the right product that is tailored for the specific medical condition you are trying to treat. In this article, I am going to present to you the various types of CBD oil in existence so that you have a better idea of what to look for in your search.

Full-spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD oil is the type of CBD oil that is produced from the entire hemp plant matter. That means that the oil is extracted from the leaves, roots, and flowers of the hemp plant. The oil is derived by having the hemp plant matter pulverized, pressed, or power washed to derive oil as the extract. As such, as a consumer, you can expect the full-spectrum CBD oil you purchase for contain all the cannabinoids that the hemp plants contains. These include THC, CBN, CBDV, CBD, and CBG among two hundred or so others. The oil will also contain organic plant compounds such as chlorophyll and terpenes. The taste of the product will be hempy while the color will be dark. The percentage of THC will depend on the quality of the hemp plant used to make it.

There is a lot of research going on to determine the effects of each of the many cannabinoids contained in the cannabis plant. There is a lot of debating going on regarding whether full-spectrum CBD oil is more effective than the other types of not.

Broad-spectrum CBD

The process of production of broad-spectrum CBD oil is the same as that of full-spectrum CBD oil, but with a slight difference. The main difference is that broad-spectrum CBD oil does not contain THC because it is usually removed completely from the full-spectrum CBD. Actually, the only different between these two types of CBD is that one contains THC while the other one does not. THC cannabinoid is usually removed because it is the one that causes the “high” that people experience when they take marijuana.

Even though THC is usually removed from broad-spectrum CBD, the consumer still has access to an entire spectrum of cannabinoids in the oil they take. Because consumption of THC is usually not suitable for most people, broad-spectrum CBD is increasingly becoming the best alternative.

CBD isolate

Like you might already have guessed, CBD isolate refers to a product that contains CBD as the only cannabinoid. The extraction of CBD alone from the hemp plant is done through a superficial CO2 extraction process. This process ensures that the final product does not contain any plant materials, chlorophyll, or other oils. The final product is 99% pure CBD oil. Besides CBD, other cannabinoids are now also available as isolates for people to buy and use. If you have been thinking of buying yourself CBD oil Toronto should be your first destination or option to check out.

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