Ways You Can Improve The Natural Light In Your Business Premises

It is now increasingly well known that there are numerous benefits to having an abundance of natural light in office environments; the connection between natural light and vitamin D has been investigated thoroughly and found to promote better health in many ways. I want to give you some important information about how you can enhance your workplace environment and give your staff the best chance to improve and succeed.

Motivation For Change

As a business owner, you can use the opportunity of an office refurbishment to change the surroundings your staff work in. By carefully considering the different areas within the office and making positive changes, you can harness the power of light. The floorplan of any well-functioning workplace is a critical component and one superb option to enhance the natural light is to install a glass partitioning system. The glazed walls are available in various forms for differing budgets, and they can let natural light flow through the office to the benefit of the workforce. Glazed partitions are easily installed using a lightweight yet robust aluminium framework and are a flexible system suitable for many situations; the different types include –

  • Single glazed partitions are the cheaper option where budget is a concern; they still have superb acoustic performance while offering the multiple benefits of the glass partition.
  • Double glazed partitioning has improved characteristics and has various optional improvements such as internal blinds or switchable frosting where privacy is required.
  • Fire-rated glazed partitioning protects storerooms or fire evacuation routes, or similar vital areas.
  • Curved glass partitions are a high-end product, and they can form the centrepiece of any modern, well-designed office environment.

A glazed partition is a superb option for all situations; from a single glass wall using existing permanent walls to a fully stand-alone four-sided glazed room, it can form the key part of any refurbishment project.

Other Ways to Improve

In many buildings, especially older ones, it is not always possible to have enough access to natural light, but there are other ways to enhance the surroundings. Modern LED lighting can now mimic natural light, and when placed correctly, it can distribute the light throughout while avoiding any harsh spotlights. Changes in colour scheme in the office can also provide noticeable benefits when suitable soft colours are chosen and combined with an increased green planting to form the overall improved aesthetic qualities of the office space.

The Benefits Available to You

By successfully designing and completing an office refurbishment project, you can unlock a number of welcome benefits for you and your workforce. Both the mental and physical health of your employees improves in the following ways –

  • Staff are happier and more productive.
  • Healthier staff and off sick less.
  • Employees are more focused and innovative.
  • A welcoming office can attract new staff when interviewing.
  • Your team functions more effectively.

By enhancing your office environment and incorporating natural light, you enable your staff to achieve new heights in performance while improving their well-being. There isn’t a single reason why this isn’t a great idea; take a look at an office refurbishment today!

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