What exactly is paint by numbers?

The paint by numbers has a title which is self-explanatory, but there is much  you need to know about it other than painting in order of a system of numerical. Paint by numbers is known to be a form of art kit or a design which has a canvas or a blank page with an outline of a picture. You can decide to go for paint by numbers custom or just a random one. Within the picture and the page, there are several shapes of different sizes, each being categorized with a number.

The numbers are a representation of various colors, and when you look at the page entirely, it will give you a whole picture which is unfinished. It is the job of the painter to paint the shapes as per the numbers, with the results being a colorful and complete work of art. Once it is completed, you will be able to see various shades, colors, and tints which you have helped in creating and it will come combined to look like a masterpiece which is professional.

People do describe the approach of paint by numbers as a simple or methodical and while it might be, that does not mean that is all that it can offer. It is a unique style to paint which has helped several people to be able to learn the form of art, and many other benefits, including having to improve their mental health and an educational and satisfying way of passing time.

The results at the end of a kit of paint by numbers can astound people as it comes out as though it is a masterful painter who has created the whole thing. There are people who hang their work in the office or at home or even give them out to friend or relatives. when compared to the painting traditionally which is done from scratch, it is hard to tell the difference.

Paint by numbers unique history

Dan Robbins was a package designer, working at Palmer Paints Company in Detroit when he thought of a genius idea that would end up changing the art world as it is known now. Remembering that he had heard about Leonardo Di Vinci the famous and the method that he utilized in teaching his students, Robbins thought of getting others to learn to paint just by making the process to be easier in following.

Just like the way Di Vinci used in drawing shapes and numbering the patterns to help the apprentices, follow along and be able to learn, so Robbins created painting kit that allowed others to be able to do the same. He came up with the prototypes and shared them with his boss who loved the whole idea thought the picture has to be replaced with something other than his face.

The duo then launched the Craft Masters that would become the original creators of the system of the paint by numbers. After several trial and errors, the idea was able to spread throughout the USA very fast and by the end of the 1950s, everybody knew about this art pieces and had it hanging in their own homes

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