What Type of Makeup To Use As A Webcam Model? Tips From Inside The Cam Studio!

As a non-adult webcam model, you always have to find the perfect balance between what you like and how you are as a personality, and what members like and ask from you. You have to remember that, even though you work for a non-adult modeling agency, which means you don’t have to take your clothes off on camera, you still have to please your members and make them spend as much time as possible with you in the private chat. Otherwise, they will leave for other models, you will not be as successful as you wish, and your bonuses can end up in some other model’s account.

Therefore, balance is the key to great success as a webcam model. This is also the case for the following dialogue between cam girls, which we found on a dedicated forum. One of them asked her colleagues and fellow models: “I’m curious and I would like to know what makeup do you use during your private sessions? Specifically, what makeup works best with members? I normally use strong makeup, such as smokey eyes, dark colors, etc. One day, I wasn’t really into wearing makeup, so I just put a bit of foundation and mascara, it was a really natural look. To my surprise, I got a lot of compliments. It’s almost like strong makeup is no longer trendy. What do you girls think?”.

As soon as the webcam model, identifying herself by the nickname Krysta, posted the question above, answers came pouring in. “I recommend a makeup that suits your personality. You can opt for more natural makeup, if this is what you like, and you can have a more elaborate hairstyle, to compensate. Try more alternative, until you find one that suits yourself”, said Muzette.

“I think that, if you only follow your members’ preferences, you might end up with a makeup that doesn’t suit you or doesn’t feel good. For example, I like smokey eyes, I use lighter eye shadow, with pink or almost nude lipstick. This works so well for me! As long as you feel good, you look good”, answered another webcam model, by the name of Iris.

“Natural makeup is very trendy indeed, plus it’s much easier to do. A little foundation, some blush, some mascara, possibly a gloss, to make your lips look juicier, and you are ready to go! If some members ask for a more pronounced makeup, you can make yourself more beautiful for them directly in front of the webcam”, another cam girl, by the name of Xena, suggested.

Last but not least, a webcam model named Brenda put her finger on the problem. “It depends a lot on your mood. I don’t feel well without lipstick, but when it comes to makeup, I saw that opinions are divided. Some members like natural makeup, others prefer the more sensual and pronounced. You can ask them if you want to be sure”, she said.

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