What you should look for in a gaming keyboard

Is there any sure way of choosing the best razer gaming keyboard? Choosing a keyboard can be a hard thing to do if you have no idea what to look for. In a gamer’s arsenal, a purpose-built keyboard makes all the difference. Forget those minimalistic QWERTY keyboards that don’t look like they add a lot to a gaming arsenal. The right keyboard allows you to deploy all the weapons in a game so that you can advance from one level to the next as fast as possible. It simply adds excitement to the game.

There are several factors that make a gaming keyboard special and worth the investment. This article highlights some of these factors to make your work easier when you are picking a keyboard.

Keyboard size

A full-sized keyboard is supposed to contain between 104 and 105 keys. These keys are divided into an alphanumeric section, dedicated function keys, dedicated number pad, and four directional cursor keys. These are the widest styles of keyboards and some gamers find that the keys are placed too far apart and may slow their reaction speed in the game. Full-sized keyboards may be too big for some gamers’ space.

If you have used keyboards to game for a long time you must have noticed that some keyboards process commands faster than others. If you don’t have enough space to accommodate a full-sized keyboard, you may need to settle for a tenkeyless keyboard. Tenkeyless keyboards don’t have the number pad section, which makes them smaller in size, capable of being accommodated in smaller spaces. Some gamers find these keyboards to be sufficient for their needs.

Mechanical vs. Membrane

When you are choosing a keyboard, you will have to select between a mechanical and a membrane keyboard. The main difference between these two varieties of keyboards is the way that they register keystrokes when you press them. They also have a different feel and touch to them when you are using them. In membrane keyboards, there is a membrane inserted between the key and the tying plate so that when you press the key, the membrane is pressed to allow contact with the typing plate. Another difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards is the price. Membrane keyboards are much cheaper because the technology used to make them is cheaper and much less effective.

Key rollover and anti-ghosting

When you are gaming, it is very normal to press multiple keys at the same time. Gaming consoles are designed to allow up to a given maximum simultaneous key presses. This is known as n-key rollover. N in n-key stands for the number of keys you can press simultaneously. You need a keyboard that supports a higher n number to achieve more flexibility in your gaming. The keyboard should also not allow for key ghosting if you want to have a better gaming experience.

Lastly, you will need a keyboard that has backlight to illuminate the keys so that you can see what key you are pressing.

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