When to call a lawyer after a car accident? Find here!

An unfortunate car accident that happened because of someone’s negligence can disrupt your life entirely. Besides medical bills and cost of therapy as needed, you may have to quit work and suffer income loss. In states like Colorado, you need to file a car insurance claim within a reasonable time, with the at-fault party’s insurer, to get compensated for your losses. When should you ideally look for a car accident lawyer near me? Here are some circumstances to consider. 

You have suffered life-threatening/serious injuries

If you live in a state that follows the “modified comparative negligence” rule, there is always a chance that the other party may pin the blame on you. In any case, you should report a car accident, if someone was injured or there was considerable property damage. Call an attorney as soon as you can after an accident, so that you don’t have to deal with unwanted complications, regardless of your share of fault. In some states, you cannot recover anything if your share of fault was more than 50%, but your lawyer can ensure that your case is represented well. 

You are likely to suffer from permanent disabilities

If you have suffered permanent disabilities following a car accident, you may want to consult a lawyer. In such cases, your settlement can cover for your current losses and loss of income capacity in the future. Your lawyer can help you evaluate the true value of your claim, and they can actually discuss and negotiate things better with the insurance company. Most car accident attorneys work on a contingency basis for such lawsuits, which means that they will only ask for a fee if and when they win. This ensures that you don’t have to pay a lawyer upfront, but it is always wise to consult one. 

Your claim has been denied/delayed

Many victims of car accidents often call a lawyer when their insurance claim has been denied and delayed. Claims adjusters are usually concerned about reducing the financial liability of the insurance company, and they would often try to deny the claim on flimsy grounds. You need an attorney when your compensation offer is way less than what you deserve. 

Finally, if you are sure that you had part role in causing the accident, consult a lawyer. They can defend you where needed and ensure that you get the deserved compensation. Hire a lawyer with necessary experience and skills. 

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