Why opt for a ldemo trading account from AmBroker? 

Using the award-winning platforms, you can develop your stocks and CFD trading skills for free!

Using this method, you can learn the ropes of the trade by investing $ 10k of virtual funds into the real market and learn to play with the most lucrative market prices in real market conditions. All this is possible through the demo trading account from AmBroker! You can access the most popular currency pairs, stocks, funds, commodities and indices using this method and learn more about the market.

So how to open a demo account? 

It is important to have a demo account especially from AmBroker to start trading in the process. To do so, you should enter your details into the account and submit the same. Once you are done, you will receive an email with your account details and password. Login to your account using the web or mobile app and start trading.

Demo accounts are versatile

One of the major reasons to seek out the AmBroker demo account is that you can open as many accounts as you wish! These can be used for 30 days and then can be recharged with your own funds at any time.

However, a demo account that is without any activity for the last 30 days will be automatically deactivated. Hence, you need to focus on the trading process if you are interested. Also, these are a learning tool for an inexperienced trader and for testing the waters and hence cannot be used for making actual trades.

Adding funds to the demo account

You can easily add funds to your AmBroker demo account at any time. This is possible by logging in to the broker traders’ room. Once done, you can easily find the list of accounts available through the am broker account. Use this to recharge the actual balance of your demo account using the option of Fund account. The same will be updated instantly and you can access these funds when you log in next to the account through the trading terminal.

Difference between demo account and Live trading account

One of the major differences between the AmBroker demo account and Live account is that there is no actual capital at risk. The account is for the sole use of new traders to learn more about the trading process. This account is risk free and has virtual funds to aid in the process. The results too are hypothetical in nature.

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