How can you score well in UPSC Prelims 2020

The UPSC Preliminary examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission yearly. It is the first stage of the civil services examination. The other two stages are:

Mains and Interview. While UPSC Prelims 2020 has two papers which are General Studies and Civil Services Aptitude Test; Mains has 9 papers:

  1. 2 Language Papers
  2. Essay Paper
  3. 4 General Studies Paper
  4. Two optional papers, totalling to nine papers.

Aspirants should also know that UPSC Prelims 2020 is objective in nature while mains is subjective or we can also call it descriptive in nature. Personality Test in the civil services examination is an interview stage where a candidate is tested on his/her communication skills and his observations about the national and international scenarios affecting India.

Now to reach the other two stages, it is important for aspirants to clear the first stage which is a preliminary examination. There are ways to prepare well for this stage and one such approach is to know what IAS Topper or toppers in the past have done for the same. Once an aspirant keeps a track of the suggestions posted or talked about by the IAS toppers, he/she can easily prepare well for the examination. So let’s see how can an aspirant do that:

  1. An aspirant should make note of the few tips that a topper has given after the result are out. As we know that final results come out before the preliminary examination takes place for that year, an aspirant can easily take advantage of the interviews of the toppers.
  2. The successful candidates always bring to the surface the best strategies that have helped them sail through the tough times and come to a point where they have achieved what they wanted. These tips should be taken seriously as we never know when can this help too.
  3. The tips given for subjects always should be noted down. As can be seen in the past, toppers have talked about how fewer books can help aspirants to know the exact information needed for the examination.
  4. The tips for Indian polity should be also taken care of. As Indian polity is one of the important subjects, the aspirants should carefully assess the tips given by the toppers for this subject and try to follow the same.
  5. Strategies revolving around the test series are also very important for the examination. If aspirants come around such strategies that can help them score well in the test series, they should take note of those too and try to impose them in their daily routine and practice accordingly.
  6. The revision techniques are important too. An aspirant can easily get one such technique and try to bring that in his/her daily routine and try to stick to it. These revision techniques can bring a lot of improvement for UPSC Prelims and a candidate can see him/her reaching his/her goal in no time.
  7. Practise will always make the aspirant perfect so keep on practising as much as you can.

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