Find Your Latest Design of Engagement Ring in Singapore

It’s engagement season and you must have an idea about the colour and shape of your sparkling wedding ring. With unlimited combinations of colours and shapes, shopping for unique and beautiful rings can really be a daunting experience. There is always ebb and flow in fashion and the case is same with diamond rings too.

You will be happy to know the latest trend before you buy for your special moment. If you are searching for the best collection of engagement ring in Singapore this article must be useful.

Let’s see what the latest trends are:

Coloured gemstones like ruby, emerald, makes simple yet elegant and bold rings whether you place them on white or gold band.

Halo rings are popular for their covered design. The centre diamond looks bigger with this encrusted design. You can even design them with coloured gems for a twist.

Lab diamond ring are opted by people who are environment conscious, since they need less mining.

Celebrity inspired rings are always in the trend. You can get inspiration from celebrities as they know how it should be when it comes to glitz and glam.

Marquise cut rings, with its unique sparkling design, adds a wow factor to your engagement.

Minimalist engagement rings trend is back. This is loved by those who don’t wear much of jewellery.

Three-stone ring has become a trend when Megan Markle updated her gold band last year. Usually, a thin band with a large diamond or gem supported by two diamonds represent couple’s past, present and future. Customize your ring with your choice of coloured diamond.

Different shaped diamond rings are again being the latest craze. Especially oval shaped diamonds are being popular for few years and this year too. Look for various shapes and their hidden meaning and choose the traits that fits you.

Super-skinny bands are simple yet elegant. These stackable engagement rings are not the new trend but still loved by the brides-to-be. These thin delicate rings can be easily paired with other rings too.

Yellow gold rings are making a comeback. Diamonds or gemstones paired with gold band adds a vintage feel to the ring.

Rose gold engagement rings gives a romantic touch and suits all type of skin tones. Pair it with any coloured gem of any shape of your choice.

Having seen the latest trend, if you are in Singapore and shopping for rings then visit Venus Tears who has a wide variety of rings suitable for any of your occasion or to style your wardrobe. Choose one that will hold its own fashion stake.

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