Who Can I Hold Liable If I Slipped and Fell on a Public Wet Surface?

Nowadays, slip and fall accidents have become surprisingly common. Statistically, the reported cases show women are more than men. This would mean that women are more prone to slip and fall accidents than men are. Even so, that’s not something to leave you worried about since both genders equally qualify for compensation if they file a claim against the party liable for the accident. Unfortunately, not all people know they can be compensated following a slip and fall, more so if the accident happened on a wet public surface. When you slip and fall while at your place of work, you may get worker’s compensation.

However, that is not always the same as when you slip and fall on a public wet surface. In this case, different parties could be liable for your accident. This is particularly when there are no visible signs of wet floors. If hurt after such an accident, you can seek compensation for injuries and damages. The slip and fall accident lawyers at Salamati Law Firm in Los Angeles will assist you with the process of filing a claim and obtain the legal compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Liable Parties After Slip and Fall Accident on a Public Wet Surface

Retail locations and grocery stores are the common public places you can find. If you slip and fall in these premises, and people operating these stores don’t have a wet floor sign, they will be liable. That’s because premises liability will fall on business owners. After all, they have failed to provide safety measures with the use of warning signs. On the other hand, the owner of the property may be liable for your accident. They have to ensure they have signs of wet floors or slippery floors.

After the accident, you may need medical attention. You should get the necessary care and don’t mind the looming medical bills, yet your insurance company might not cover them. It is the role of business owners to take good care of these premises to ensure guests are safe.

Reasons Why Business Owners Have to Install a Wet Floor Sign

Every business should have warning signs. These will help protect them and you, making them important on any wet floor located in a public place. When water is left on the floor, it becomes dangerous and can easily result in accidents – such as slip and fall. These accidents can lead to personal injuries, including hurting your back, neck, knee, or even result in death.

If a grocery store fails to use the visible wet floor signs, which leads to injury, the store is held liable. In such a situation, you can file a claim for compensation to pay medical bills and expenses resulting from the accident. To prevent customers from slipping and falling, all businesses need to train their employees to use wet floor signs. 


If you sustain personal injury due to slip and fall on a wet floor in a public place, you must seek legal advice. Complete the necessary steps and call your lawyer for a consultation.

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